Animal testing life wasting

Scientists told to stop wasting animal lives

This inherent value is not respected when animals are reduced to being mere tools in a scientific experiment" qtd. With no cure or effective treatment, research is vital. Many other potential drugs were proven to be ineffective in primates, sparing humans from clinical trials with ineffective drugs.

After all, humans are animals too. In some cases, this means fewer animals can be used, but sometimes it will lead to more being used in order to ensure we get meaningful results. All animals should be protected when it comes to testing.

Antiviral drugs are available, but researchers continue to improve treatments for those infected, and transgenic mice models have been useful in studying the origin and development of the disease. Another experiment performed on animals is killing pregnant animals and examining and experimenting on the fetuses.

It effectively treats hypertension through the peptide, bradykinin potentiating factor BPFwhich neutralizes the enzyme responsible for increased blood pressure.

The leukemia drug Gleevec was almost lost because it causes severe liver toxicity in dogs -- but not in humans 4. Experimental animals are virtually tortured to death, and all of these tests are done in the interest of human welfare, without any thought to how the animals are treated.

New insulin-producing cells were injected into mice, successfully curing their type one diabetes. Effective treatments and prevention is an effective step towards reducing new infections and premature deaths due to the disease, however, the only way to stem the global pandemic is a vaccine.

Animal Testing Outline Essay Sample

Aging Life expectancy in the United States is An old diabetes drug, Metformin is cheap and has been found to stall the aging process in work with mice and the roundworm c. Hepatitis B Vaccine Much of the work involved in developing a hepatitis B vaccine was done with chimpanzees at Texas Biomed.

Animal Testing Is Bad Science: Point/Counterpoint

Human tissue-based methods are also used to test the potential toxicity of chemicals and for research into burns, allergies, asthma, and cancer.

N Engl J Med ; It even cost 1 million dollars to found the John Hopkins Center for alternatives for animal testing.

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Scientist David Hubel studied the visual system of cats to find that all mammals have partially developed visual systems at birth.

According to Orlans, the animals suffer from "vomiting, diarrhea, paralysis, convulsion, and internal bleeding. In nature, many primates, including rhesus macaques and baboons, stay for many years or their entire lives with their families and troops. To perform this test, the researchers hook the animals up to tubes that pump huge amounts of the test product into their stomachs until they die.

With continued animal research a vaccine is in sight for hepatitis C and will be a major step in greatly reducing the rate of infection. Drugs for high blood pressure would not have been possible without animal research.

Researchers hope to end the global HIV pandemic in our lifetime, and new clinical trials are offering hope that this devastating disease could soon be systematically eliminated. Immunotherapy is another developing technique to cure cancer. Animal Testing Outline Essay Sample.

Animal testing has been a controversial topic for many generations throughout the world. People against animal testing say that animal testing is cruel and inhumane and we should not be able to experiment on animals.

Animal research has saved lives, extended life expectancy, and improved the quality of life for both humans and animals by enabling scientists to conduct critical experiments that identified ways to prevent, treat, and cure disease.

Safety and efficacy testing of the first hepatitis B vaccine also was done at the Institute. An improved. Animal experimentation is a cruel and outdated practice that wastes money, lives and resources, and sidetracks meaningful scientific progress.

Read NEAVS' science paper 'Review of Evidence of Environmental Impacts of Animal Research and Testing,' published in 'Environments,' here. Millions of animals are bred, used, and ultimately disposed of as dangerous or potentially dangerous waste in research and toxicity testing.

The latest news and comment on animal experimentation. Animal experimentation is a cruel and outdated practice that wastes money, lives and resources, and sidetracks meaningful scientific progress.

Animal testing life wasting
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