Effects of sales promotion on company performance of vodafone ghana

To understand this, suppose one Airlines Company is organising sales promotions for Kolkata-New Delhi air route. Through in-house merchandising activities, such as free samples v.

Trade promotion is directed to the members of the distribution channel ii. The paper proposes a model that can be used to explain the influence of marketing practices on the performance of small business enterprises.

For example, sales promotion and direct mail are particularly attractive alternatives when the marketing budget is limited, as it is for many small businesses.

The Effect of Marketing Communications on the Sales Performance of Ghana Telecom (Vodafone, Ghana)

We believe that these markets provide a significant future growth opportunity, driven by rising wealth, expanding populations and growing demand for mobile services.

Banks usually end up making unprofitable loans. Promos leverage the key factors of customer motivation. This strategy is often employed if distributors are reluctant to carry a product because it gets as many consumers as possible to go to retail outlets and request the product, thus pulling it through the channel.

These are the people who are least loyal to the brands they use and always look out for experimenting with new brands.

The Effect of Marketing Communications on the Sales Performance of Ghana Telecom (Vodafone, Ghana)

Since then, Satan, the archenemy of God and the church uses some churchmen to teach, propagate and practice false doctrines that are contrary to the truth. The study found a strong positive relationship between the marketing practices of Nigerian SBEs and organizational performance indicants.

The outcome indicates that Vodafone was not paying much attention to its total communication costs and the return on investment ROI on such expenditures. A well-planned promo attracts consumers to your brand.

The life of Alioha would be x-rayed to determine the efforts he put in co-pioneering Pentecostalism in Igboland and the factors that made him succeed. Loyal brand buyers tend not to change their buying patterns as a result of competitive promotion. Users in other categories: In determining the relative importance to place on sales promotion in the overall marketing mix, a small business should consider its marketing budget, the stage of the product in its life cycle, the nature of competition in the market, the target of the promotion, and the nature of the product.

Another opinion is that Sales Promotions provide a number of benefits that are important to manufacturers as well as consumers. He lived at Old Umuahia, though it is not his home town. Define the support activities e. Analyse the problem task. Our portfolio includes a range of mobile, fixed, unified communications, Cloud and Hosting and M2M services.

He was also the first lay minister of AG Nigeria. The increased commercial investments we began to make in the prior year have translated into better performance with revenue trends improving in each of the last three quarters.

Sun-feast is a relatively new biscuit brand. Consumer promotion is aimed towards the consumer. He received his primary education and conversion to evangelical Christianity at Old Umuahia in Abia State.

By use of sales literature and other selling aids Sales promotion is distinct from advertising or personal selling, but these three forms of promotion are often used together in a coordinated fashion. They believed deeply in God, gods and spirits and regarded sin as anything that is against the community.

Sales promotions do not tend to yield new, long-term buyers in mature markets because they attract mainly deal-prone consumers who switch along brands as deals become available. He was the first convert of Augustus O. The study also made use of simple statistical tools such as tables, graphs, together with multiple regression analysis to determine the degree of variation between the dependent sales volume and independent variable communication tools.

Low quality of retail selling: This growth provides a great opportunity for Vodafone and for our customers as we work towards providing the best data experience to more and more customers.

It therefore became necessary that a work of this nature be embarked upon to reconstruct and x-ray his life with the view to highlight his contributions to Pentecostalism in Igboland, which made this research perculiar.

However, they operate under the objectives of profit maximisation through appropriate risk management strategy Sinkey, For instance, Hyundai Motor India announced the extension of warranty on all Santros it had sold. The contextual factors of Old Umuahia community before Pentecostalism.

The results indicated strong relationships between sales promotion, advertising budgets and total sales. This is not out of place, as every business seeks to make profit and thus they need to be sure of recouping their monies when they lend them out to small businesses.

Marketing problems often have far reaching effects on any company and if neglected can cause a great threat to the continued existence of the effective system for the promotion, distribution and sales of its services.

The Impact of Advertising on Sales Volume of a Product. A telecom company faces challenges in: • Effective promotion planning • Accurate monitoring trade funds and promotion • Measuring the promotions effectiveness on sales Sales promotion is created to target all or some of the following groups: Sales Promotion in Telecom Industry of India 23 •.

Marketing and Supply Chain Management

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In the telecom industry of Ghana, sales promotion is commonly employed as indicated by Kotler et al (), whereas advertising offers a reason to buy, sales promotion offers an incentive to buy. This research is intended to verify whether sales promotion is the most critical success variable or other factor.

Effect of Sales Promotion as a Tool on Organizational Performance (A case Study of Sunshine Plastic Company). Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences. ABSTRACT The purpose of this study was to find out the effects of promotions on customer growth in the Nigerian mobile telecommunication industry.

The method adopted by this study was the sample The method adopted by this study was the sample survey method of study instead of a census.

Effects of sales promotion on company performance of vodafone ghana
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