Questionnaire for effect of sale promotion on consumer buying behavior for fmcg

The aim of the study is to find out the effects of product packaging of FMCG on consumer buying decision and to find the importance of product packaging in the sale of product.

Using color as a cue on packaging can be a potentially strong association, especially when it is unique to a particular brand.

Graphics In view of Silayoi and Speece graphics includes layout, colour combinations, typography and product photography all of which form the packaging designs. Hence learning influences consumer buying behaviour. Journal of Business Strategies, Vol. Protection and Preservation Lee and Lye assert that protection and preservation are roles of packaging.

The ID component consists of the unconscious psychic that operates to fulfill basic urges, desires and needs. Furthermore, Brewer found that informational elements tend to be less important than visual in low involvement product decisions: Speece states that packaging is critical for customers and that it must communicate the advantages salient to a product inside.

Preservation is also offered by packaging to a rather lesser extend because at times the products are found not to have been preserved well though they will be enclosed in their packages. Again, this study would inform researchers and firms why consumers do not follow through the whole consumer decision process before making a purchase decision and the implications of consumer behaviour on sales.

The shift in consumer decision making means that marketers need to adjust their spending and to view the changes place at the right time, giving them the information and support they need to make the right decision.

Effect of Product Packaging in Consumer Buying Decision

These tools should be used considering all other factors affecting such as cost, time, competitors, availability of goods etc. Within the marketing mix, sales promotion has one of the strongest impacts on short-term consumption behaviour Laroche Et al.

These are depicted below on the diagram. Price has been considered as one of the leading factors affecting consumer decision making as indicated by Customers might also become comfortable with the lower price and demotivated to buy with the normal price anymore.

The research seeks to find out what determines consumer buying habit on foreign packaged products as compared to local products in the period, before, and after the dollarization era in Zimbabwe.

We made a list of questions, which were narrowed down, to a few. Journal of Marketing, 72 3: All the marketing units pay attention to good packaging.

The uncertainty surrounding the exact influence sales promotion has on the behaviour of consumers has necessitated the study into the area. Others have considered the following elements namely; graphics, shape, size, printed information and innovation as components of a package.

Effect of Sales Promotion Activities on Consumer Buying Behaviour. A Case Study of Watanmal Group

Advertising Public Relations Sales Promotion Traditionally, sales Promotions have been used by marketer to increase sales in the short term.

According Smiththere are six variables that must be taken into consideration by producers and designers when creating efficient package: Conclusion It can be concluded that women in general are well aware of the importance of packaging.

Intrapersonal causation challenges the environmental stimuli in consumer behaviour but however an influential role of the environment and social experience is acknowledged, with consumers actively seeking and receiving environmental and social stimuli as informational inputs aiding internal decision making.

British Food Journal, 9: The deciders and the buyers mostly include the house wives who are the major buyers of FMCG products. Primary data was gathered from Watanmal Group employees and customers through a well structured questionnaire.

This approach assumes that stimuli act upon an inactive and unprepared organism. Furthermore, they believe that the consumers are properly guided by a label to use the product.

Packaging needs to highlight compelling and believable claims on product differences. Explained variations of the model are This is because promotions provide utilitarian benefits such as monetary savings, added value, increased quality and convenience as well as hedonic benefits such as entertainment, exploration and self-expression.


Furthermore, it was discovered that packaging, the colour, background image, and packaging material, innovation, design of wrapper, printed information and font style were taken as predictors in consumer behaviour. • To identify the most influential tool of sales promotion on consumer buying behavior.

Unbiased response to the questionnaire H4- Buy one get one free Offer has a significant impact on consumer buying behavior in FMCG.

Sales promotion should be implemented in a well planned manner. Fmcg preference questionnaire 1. “A STUDY ON CUSTOMER PREFERENCE TOWARDS SELECTED FMCG WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO COIMBATORE CITY” QUESTIONNAIRE1.

The Effect of Consumer Behaviour in Marketing of an Organization

ROLE OF SALES PROMOTION IN FMCG Vinod Suthar. Balance Score Card. Effect of sale promotion on customer buying behaviour. Balance Score Card- Article Review. SP-GP-1 - Digital Gap.

Effectiveness of Sales Promotion on. the Buying Behavior of Customers Sales promotion has only short term effect on consumer buying behavior.

Effect of Advertising & Promotion on Consumer Behavior

The Importance of Brand in Consumer Buying Behavior of FMCG goods in Rural Markets 52 | Page To study the urban influence on consumer buying behavior, the village that is closer to urban.

The objective of this study is to determine the elements that play an important role on consumer’s buying behavior. The purpose of this research is to find out the main important factors related with the packaging effect, THE ROLE AND IMPACT OF THE PACKAGING EFFECT ON CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR To measure the relative impact of each.

between sales promotion and consumer buying behaviour and how sales promotion influence One crucial question relating to sales promotion is their effect on consumer attitudes of the study examines the influence of sales promotion on individual behavior, consumer purchases.

Questionnaire for effect of sale promotion on consumer buying behavior for fmcg
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